Brokerage Trading - Risk Control - Financial Management

Risk-averse and compliant stock brokerage back office trading application with multiexchange trading in equities and commodities.

Backconnect is a functionally rich stock and commodity brokerage back-office and trading system designed to provide straight-through-order, processing, equity, custody and money market services with extensive online exposure and margin control capability. The product has been designed around a very flexible architecture allowing it to add support to new exchanges with a minimum of changes. It provides a flexible end-to-end solution to brokerage houses with interfaces to trading, depository and clearing and settlement systems.

1- Feature Highlights

    BackConnect is a comprehensive brokerage back office system that allows online stock trading through multiple channels i.e desktop, mobile, and web. Other features include:

  • Risk management with exposure & margin control
  • Role-based access controls
  • Supports multiple & multi-currency asset classes
  • Multi-currency & multi-venue trading
  • Integrated GL
  • Fixed Income Securities (FIS) Management
  • Money Market (MM) System


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