Automate Your Clinic

A cloud-based practice management solution for fully automating different processes of clinic practice and patient management with ZERO technology management at doctor’s end.

ClinicConnect is a modern practice management solution built for both healthcare professionals and patients. Built by a group of seasoned healthcare professionals and IT experts, ClinicConnect brings strength to meet requirements of any size of clinic and yet not compromising on the quality of care and administration.

ClinicConnect is hardware friendly and is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device of your choice. It offers modern workflows of a clinic including:

ClinicConnect is Mobile Manage Your Clinic on the Go!


  • View your upcoming appointments
  • View appointment details
  • Create and manage your schedules
  • Search your patients through phone numbers
  • View patient’s complete EMR and appointments history
  • View tests reports and investigations uploaded by your patients
  • Get instant notifications


  • Get an appointment from your consultant
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Upload and view lab test reports and other documents
  • View your current medications
  • Add medicine reminders
  • Instant alerts

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple Consultants
  • Online & Walk-in Appointment Scheduling
  • Consultant schedule & Queue Management
  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Telemedicine
  • Voice Notes
  • Email / SMS Reminders