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Unveiling Success: How Softech Systems Transformed Businesses Worldwide


Throughout the Softech Systems journey, we have seen the significant effects that our software solutions have had across numerous industries. We have revolutionized patient management in healthcare and reached previously unheard-of levels of service delivery. We have streamlined processes through the use of our creative solutions, ensuring that every patient receives the effective care they require.` 

Our contributions have improved the financial sector’s transactions by making them safer and more efficient, which has benefited both businesses and their valued customers. Additionally, supply chain operations have been enhanced through our work in logistics, enhancing productivity and drastically reducing costs for enterprises. These life-changing encounters strengthen our dedication to transforming industries and raising productivity at every level.

/ AssetConnect: The Foundation for Success

AssetConnect is one of our principal products. AssetConnect is a thorough back-office brokerage system that has changed how online stock trading is done through several channels. AssetConnect makes it simple for traders to access the market with its mobile and web trading terminals for Android and iOS. The availability of features like straight-through processing, pre-trade risk management systems, access control, and a full audit trail ensures a secure and effective trading experience.

AssetConnect has been trusted with the operations of some of the most well-known national and worldwide financial brand names. AssetConnect is used by customers like Askari Bank, BMA Funds, National Investment Trust System (Nit), Nestle, JS Investments, ABL Asset Management, HBL Asset Management, Lakson Investments, and many more to automate their trading procedures and efficiently manage their portfolios.

/ Back Connect: Empowering Fund Management

Back Connect is our complete fund management solution, in addition to AssetConnect. Back Connect offers coverage for a variety of fund types, including SMA funds, Islamic funds, conventional funds, and voluntary pension plans. Strong features offered by it include the ability to enter vouchers, multi-level authorization, regulatory reporting, user-defined reports, payments, withholding tax, and bank payments. With this collection of capabilities, fund accounting is made simpler, making it an essential tool for fund management firms. Back Connect features role-based access to application screens and reports, together with an authority management system. Individual user credentials may be granted and revoked, and dual-checking functionality with a thorough audit trail is provided. Data security and integrity are ensured at this level of control.

The platform also has tools for transaction management, making it possible to manually create market deals and import exchange logs. It offers flexibility and accuracy in trade administration by enabling the adjustment of single or multiple trades according to various criteria and the division of trades into several accounts. It is used on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It provides trading platform to different brokerage houses that include BMA Capital, Summit Capital, Foundation Securities, Alfalah Securities, IGI Securities, Abbasi and Co, and Zafar Security.

/ Giving Employee Funds More Power

Softech Systems offers a comprehensive HR solution with strong financial features, going above and beyond traditional software solutions. The Fund Management System, a sophisticated and entirely integrated investment management solution created especially for Employee Provident and Pension funds, is the centerpiece of their product. By streamlining and improving money management procedures, this system makes sure that employee funds are handled effectively and in accordance with the law. Softech Systems is a valued partner in the field of employee fund management because of its dedication to excellence, which also extends to employees' financial security.

/ Innovative Healthcare

In addition to traditional industries, Softech Systems' dedication to innovation has a big impact on the healthcare industry. The business has provided the healthcare sector with a range of cutting-edge software solutions that are intended to change patient care, streamline processes, and advance medical research and diagnostics. Their healthcare-related products include DentalConnect, a customized healthcare solution created to meet the particular requirements of dental hospitals, ZealaCare, which uses IoT technology to benefit caregivers, and HealthConnect, a comprehensive 360-degree healthcare industry solution that improves time-bound decision-making. These cutting-edge solutions demonstrate Softech Systems' commitment to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare through cutting-edge technology.

/ Looking Toward the Future

Softech Systems devotes to remain at the forefront of innovation as technology develops at a rapid rate. The Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, AWS, resource augmentation, Softech Digital, and machine learning are among the developing technologies that the corporation is concentrating its research and development efforts on. Softech Systems is well-positioned to continue changing organizations and sectors in the years to come by adopting these technologies.

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