Automate Your Clinic

ClinicConnect is a modern practice management solution built for both healthcare professionals and patients. Built by a group of seasoned healthcare professionals and IT experts

ClinicConnect brings strength to meet requirements of any size of clinic and yet not compromising on the quality of care and administration.


  • View your upcoming appointments
  • View appointment details
  • Create and manage your schedules
  • Search your patients through phone numbers
  • View patient’s complete EMR and appointments history
  • View tests reports and investigations uploaded by your patients
  • Get instant notifications


  • Get an appointment from your consultant
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Upload and view lab test reports and other documents
  • View your current medications
  • Add medicine reminders
  • Instant alerts

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple Consultants
  • Online & Walk-in Appointment Scheduling
  • Consultant schedule & Queue Management
  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Telemedicine
  • Voice Notes
  • Email / SMS Reminders