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We have played a crucial role in the finance industry by providing cutting-edge software solutions, enabling secure transactions, efficient financial management, and data analysis, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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/ AssetConnect

A Complete Investment Management Solution

AssetConnect is a comprehensive and fully integrated investment management solution with cross-asset portfolio management, risk analysis, investment accounting & regulatory compliance system.

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/ BackConnect

Brokerage Trading with Risk Management

Backconnect is a functionally rich stock and commodity brokerage back-office and trading system designed to provide straight-through-order, processing, equity, custody, and money market services with...

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/ Employee Fund Manager

A Complete HR Solution with Strong Financial Features

Fund Management System is a comprehensive and fully integrated Investment management solution specifically designed for Employee Provident & Pension funds. Investment accounting is completely...

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/ InvestConnect

Powerful & Comprehensive Bank Portfolio Investment System

InvestConnect covers Portfolio Investment, Stock Market Financing, and Risk Management. It provides end-to-end automation, with the elimination of manual and paperwork processes.

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/ TradeConnect

Stock Management System For Business Schools

Capital Market trade activities are complex and fast-paced. It is supported by smart, efficient, and robust real-time electronic systems to make prudent trade decisions in continuously changing economic...


We have transformed education through our software solutions, enabling effective distance learning platforms, interactive virtual classrooms, and personalized learning experiences, ensuring access to quality education anytime, anywhere.


We have driven the telecom industry forward, delivering advanced software solutions that enable seamless communication, network optimization, and enhanced customer experience, revolutionizing the way we connect.

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