Simple and Secure Communication with Real-time Translations!

KalamTime is our messenger app developed to redefine communication. Our multilingual, secure and reliable instant messaging service lets you stay in touch with people worldwide even if you speak a different language.

What We Do

KalamTime brings to you the best features to engage in meaningful conversations, in your native language. Chats and voice/video calls on KalamTime can be transcribed securely in 120 languages to empower virtual communication. Features like a mega group call, voice-to-text, text-to-voice displays, and real-time language translation make KalamTime one of the best messenger apps today.

Core Features

Chat it Out

KalamTime gives you unlimited, secure, instant messaging at your convenience.

Assured Security

Your communication is secured using end-to-end encryption. Even KalamTime cannot read it, so relax!

Prevent Fake News

KalamTime shows the original author's name and the timestamp below any forwarded message to prevent fake messages.

View Status of Seen Receipts

You can view the status of seen receipts of other chats, even if you disable your status of seen receipts for messages received.


We respect your privacy when you block a person in KalamTime. The messages from that person will appear to them as Sent. Calls from the blocked contacts will not connect and your profile picture will not appear in their view.

Build it up Beyond Boundaries

You don't need to know different languages for multilingual conversations. KalamTime auto-translates all your messages and audio in the language of your choice.

Unlimited Purpose-Based Groups

Family, School, or Office - Have conversations in a group with an unlimited number of people.

HD Quality Audio and Video Calling

Get flawless quality high-definition audio and video calling on KalamTime.

Limitless Sharing

Express all that is on your mind with people who matter through audio, videos, and texts. Connect freely on KalamTime without size limits on what you share.

Record the Audio with One Click

In KalamTime, you can record voice clips with a single click. You can also review your audio before sending by using pause/resume and play options.

Control What Happens to your Messages

Enable/disable the forwarding and sharing of your messages features.

Be Invisible

You can be online without anyone knowing it. KalamTime lets you hide your activity status in privacy settings. So venture out unnoticed.