Digitizing the traditional school management systems

OgoulLMS is an online educational platform that enables school operations and classroom learning online. Due to the scalability, flexibility, and convenience, this online Learning Management System delivers compelling learning experiences and results. OgoulLMS is committed to transforming classroom management strategies and execution, aiming to achieve the best learning app accessible to anyone from any part of the world.

What We Do

OgoulLMS is an internet-based resource, e-learning, and classroom management solution developed for online education. It has built-in tools and resources that can simplify learning management systems and enhance teaching. These tools help teachers and administrators in managing their tasks easily. It also enhances the learning process by providing clarity in instructions and access to e-learning content. OgoulLMS enhances the visibility of operations to all the stakeholders, including parents enabling a complete ecosystem of an online academy.

Core Features

Super Admin Portal

The central portal to manage other school admins, teachers, student portal, and a proctor portal. Has the ability to add student and teacher merits for grading ..... Enables management of different school branches, their specific grade levels, courses, exam lists, and rank generation. Manage announcements, holiday lists, and questionnaires.

School Admin Portal

Centralized e-Learning content to reduce the risk of losing data while dealing with paperwork. Set up a complete profile of the school, accounts of teachers, and students. ..... Set up courses, sections, class schedules, and duration.Assign teachers to multiple classes in a few simple steps. View class attendance, completed syllabus, and progress reports online. Enables collaboration by providing a shared space for content sharing, feedback, and personal interaction.

Teacher Portal

Enables educators to engage at any time, from any place, and on any device. Create, upload, grade reports, and manage assignments and assessments online. .... View students’ complete class schedule and attendance.Start class with just one click. Online classroom with high-quality video conferencing with a virtual whiteboard and real-time chat between teacher and students. Easily track students' progress and performance.

Student Portal

View the curriculum and select the courses easily. Availability of an online repository of class material, assignments, assessments, and grades. High-definition video classes with teachers and peers. .... A comprehensive view of the calendar. Contextual interaction with the educator and other peers over chat. Submit the assignments online and receive online feedback from the educator.

Parent Portal

Receive circulars, notifications, and announcements online. Manage multiple children’s child's dashboards within the same account.

Proctor Portal

Supervise exams through high-definition video calls. View the exam schedule.