Digitizing the traditional school management systems

OgoulTutor is a web-based platform that enables online teaching sessions by professional tutors. With our online tutoring software, both tutors and students worldwide can connect for short-term learning needs. OgoulTutor provides a search engine and an intuitive classroom module to facilitate insightful learning.

What We Do

OgoulTutor offers an interactive collaboration platform where students can search for their preferred tutors from anywhere globally, based on their tutor’s, experience, students’ reviews, etc. They can place a request for classes, get a confirmation, complete the payment and connect on a high-quality video platform to learn through live tutorial sessions.

Core Features

Completely Web-Based

OgoulTutor only requires an internet connection and a phone or a computer device. You don’t need to install any software to run OgoulTutor on your device.

Easy tutoring

Conduct lectures from wherever you are. OgoulTutor works online and hence is independent of location.

Search for tutors

Finds the most relevant tutor by searching by Subject. OgoulTutor automatically sorts the list of tutors according to your language, area, and field of expertise.

Integrated Classroom

OgoulTutor's classroom is a state-of-the-art learning tool with teaching features like audio video, screen sharing, whiteboard, real-time chat, and document-sharing capabilities.

Pay Per Lecture

No monthly or yearly subscription. You pay only for one lecture at a time and pay as you go, at par with your needs.

Auto recording of lectures

OgoulTutor automatically records all classes and makes them available for future viewing.

Tutors - make yourself a top-notch brand

A complete website shows your tutoring profile, academic qualifications, tutor subjects, availability, ratings, reviews, etc.

Increased Tutoring Flexibility

Get a Tutor based on your schedule, availability, and location.