Our products are being used by our clients and partners as innovative solutions to their problems. Softech has products in four main areas – Healthcare, Finance, Social Media and Education. Our products are comprehensive and fully integrated, delivering all the end to end workflows needed by industry. They perform complete transaction management and record keeping, and save time and effort of the users. They also provide all the required information through comprehensive reporting.


HealthConnect - Hospital Information Management and Patient Records System.

HealthConnect is a very comprehensive hospital automation software that caters for the full life-cycle of the processes in a modern hospital, incorporating comprehensive work flows for patient registration, appointment scheduling, out-patient and in-patient management, machine interfacing with lab and radiology equipment, and patient billing.

The system is designed to fully automate the entire management work load of a large hospital, with modern computerized facilities available to patients, such as computerized billing, prescriptions, lab test results and patient medical records. It allows the hospital management to see the latest up to date reports and data on all aspects of hospital management. The system is integrated with pathology lab machines to automatically download patient test results on-line, and can also record and provide radiology images, in order to maintain a complete patient file electronically. The system also includes administrative modules, such as General Ledger, Inventory, Purchasing, HR and Payroll

ClinicConnect – Clinic Management and Patient Records System

ClinicConnect is an Ideal solution for medical practitioners, consultants and clinics. It is a completely web based solution, with no IT infrastructure requirements at clinic/consultant end. It consists of fully integrated patient care, clinical support and administrative modules. It includes mobile apps for quick and easy appointment scheduling and management. It maintains complete cloud based electronic medical record of the patient, so that the past medical history is accessible. It offers convenient and efficient billing for services offered to the patient. In addition, ClinicConnect also gives wide exposure to medical practitioners to the general public, by providing a web page to advertise the services of each practitioner. The public can search the practitioners available area-wise and specialty-wise, and can book appointments with the available practitioners. The system has an easy to use interface for consultation, examination and practice management. The complete system is cloud-based and ready to use.

Zealacare Living Home Care

Zealacare is a complete mobile app for patient care in nursing homes. The system is currently being deployed in a large group of nursing homes in USA. It supports IOT-Enablement – using ZigBee chip technology to monitor patient fall, diaper wetness and nurse call functions. It has complete Smart-Phone-Based Nursing Home Management System. Moreover, it also includes a Web-Based Patient Monitoring System where real-time status of all patients is displayed


AssetConnect – Mutual Fund, Pension and Provident Fund Management and Portfolio Investment System

AssetConnect is a comprehensive on-line and automated Mutual Fund Management System, which supports multiple funds, and features a complete internet-based transaction system for unit management. The system has standards compliant accounting, which is completely integrated with all other modules, and provides on-line workflow between various departments.

BackConnect – Stock Brokerage Back Office and Internet Trading System

BackConnect is a functionally rich back-office system designed to provide a complete back office as well as front-office internet trading functionality with order management capability, equity and custody services, and comprehensive exposure and authority control. BackConnect provides a flexible end-to-end solution to brokerage houses with interfaces to trading, Central Depository and the National Clearing systems

National Clearing Corporation of Pakistan

Softech Systems developed the National Clearing and Settlement System of Pakistan, which performs the on-line clearing and settlement of all stock trading in all three stock exchanges of Pakistan. The system is web-based, and developed in Java, with WebLogic server and Oracle database.

Social Media


A platform meant to revolutionize the way people view and use social media. WorldNoor is our next-gen social media platform. It allows you to find friends online, reconnect with your old friends, make new connections, receive updates on your interests, share your memories, and much more. WorldNoor is your gateway app to finding friends, exploring exciting events, follow news, endless options for social media marketing and much more. It empowers you to speak, understand and converse with people without sharing a common language.


Simple and Secure Communication with Real-time Translation in most of the popular languages. KalamTime is our messenger app developed to redefine communication. Our multilingual, secure and reliable instant messaging service lets you stay in touch with people worldwide even if you speak a different language. KalamTime brings to you the best features to engage in meaningful conversations, in your native language. Chats and voice/video calls on KalamTime can be transcribed securely in 120 languages to empower virtual communication. Features like a mega group call, voice-to-text and text-to-voice displays, and real-time language translation make KalamTime one of the best messenger apps today.


Looking for easy to access, secure, reliable, and high-performance video conferencing and online meeting solutions? Mizdah is the answer to all your collaboration needs, providing a high-quality audio-video meeting platform for corporate, educational, personal, and family get-togethers. Mizdah is built for you, and at every stage during the development process, engineers make decisions based on how it’ll improve your experience and that of other users worldwide.



A comprehensive school management platform that digitizes the traditional education and learning experience offered by schools. OgoulLMS is an online educational platform that enables school operations and classroom learning online. Due to the scalability, flexibility, and convenience, this online Learning Management System delivers compelling learning experiences and results. OgoulLMS is committed to transforming classroom management strategies and execution, aiming to achieve the best learning app accessible to anyone from any part of the world.


OgoulTutor is a web-based platform that enables online teaching sessions by professional tutors. With our online tutoring software, both tutors and students worldwide can connect for short-term learning needs. OgoulTutor provides a search engine and an intuitive classroom module to facilitate insightful learning. OgoulTutor offers an interactive collaboration platform where students can search for their preferred tutors from anywhere globally, based on their tutor’s, experience, students’ reviews, etc. They can place a request for classes, get a confirmation, complete the payment and connect on a high-quality video platform to learn through live tutorial sessions.