Stock Management System For Business Schools:

Capital Market trade activities are complex and fast-paced. It is supported by smart, efficient, and robust real-time electronic systems to make prudent trade decisions in continuously changing economic and industrial scenarios.

TradeConnect is easy to use and flexible end-to-end educational solution for business school students to trade in a live environment against real-time feed from stock exchanges, maintain a real-life portfolio and allow departments to rank student positions based on their trade performance.

1- Feature Highlights

TradeConnect provides enabling environment for business school students to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-life lives trading environment. It assists them to build their portfolio around a mix of instruments including equities and commodities. Connected to a real market they are able to trade live and observe their portfolios continuously marked to market, showing realized gains or losses allowing them to immediately see the results of their BUY/SELL decisions. The real-time fluctuating technical indicators guide them in making informed decisions.

Tradeconnect is a part of suite of products that includes “BackConnect” which has been market leader in Equity Trading for more than a decade.

TradeConnect is running live at:

Key features

  • Stock trading platform for business schools
  • Setup student group portfolio competition and performance evaluation
  • Trade against live exchange feed
  • Desktop, web and mobile trading terminals
  • Exchange compliant order management and trade matching platform
  • Technical and performance indicators
  • Extensive risk controls and reporting