A platform meant to revolutionize the way people view and use social media.

WorldNoor is our next-gen social media platform. It allows you to find friends online, reconnect with your old friends, make new connections, receive updates on your interests, share your memories, and much more. WorldNoor is social media platform that respect your privacy and opinion

What We Do

WorldNoor is your gateway app to finding friends, exploring exciting events, follow news, endless options for social media marketing and much more. It empowers you to speak, understand and converse with people without sharing a common language.

Core Features

Share and Grow

Let your friends have a sneak peek into your world through a personal post! Share your thoughts and interests with your friends circle via audio, video, documents, and gifs.

No Limits

Why hold back? Worldnoor does not impose size limits. Large file transfers take place in a blink of an eye.

Make New Connections

Find friends online based on interests, location, alma mater, or mutual friends, or find a new activity partner. You can even search for connections in your vicinity.

Reach Your Circle Group

WorldNoor shares your posts and updates with all your friends and acquaintances when you connect directly or within a group. Simplify your circle by grouping your contacts according to your preference.

Go Live

Stun the world and your friends with live video chats that showcase a social cause or your talent or coverage of your recent adventure. Go ahead and boost your social engagement on WorldNoor and make friends online.

Platform Agnostic

World Noor works flawlessly on all iOS, Android, and Windows devices, positioning itself as the best app for your social world. So bring on your mobile devices, laptops, and desktops, and start interacting with the world. You can also carry your conversations across the screens.


Stay updated with what is happening in your network and the world around you with utilities like the weather in any city, global news, or sports. Or see what movies are playing. Listen to the content posted on topics you follow and see what your role models are up to with a click. Social media management does not get easier than this.