South Korea Sees Its First ‘Robot Suicide:’ Is this the future of Artificial Intelligence?

This is the story of a robot that commits suicide in South Korea. A robot working as a civil officer is speculated to have died by an ‘act of suicide’ in South Korea. He was appointed as a civil officer in South Korea’s Gumi City Council. The robot was an example of how artificial intelligence is excelling in its work.

The South Korean robot was unresponsive after it threw itself off a six-and-a-half-foot flight of stairs. The reason for his suicide was work stress. The South Korean robot was in charge of helping the council with city promotion and daily document deliveries. It couldn’t handle the workload and work stress, so it took a drastic step. 

What Actually Happened?

For the first time in history, South Korea witnessed the first suicide death of its robot, who worked as a civil officer in South Korea. Just like a science fiction thriller, work pressure seems to have caused its latest victim in South Korea: a robot. Artificial Intelligence is progressing and holds the future of our tech world. This news shows the real aspects of our technology. Artificial intelligence is such a powerful concept that a robot is capable of feeling overworked and stressed. 

According to the reports, one official said, “It was officially a part of the city hall, one of us worked diligently.”

You might want to believe it or not.

On June 26, South Korea’s Gumi City Council stated that their most valuable administrative officer robot was found ‘dead.’ It had seemingly thrown itself down a six-and-a-half-foot flight of stairs. It is concerning that a robot could not handle the amount of work it was assigned.

The local community mourned over this tragic loss. This is being referred to as the country’s first robot “suicide,” 

Here’s what happened.

The robot was appointed to official duty in August 2023. The South Korean robot was one of the first to be used in such a capacity in the city.

This robot was developed by Bear Robotics, a Californian robot-waiter startup. The robot worked from 9 am to 6 pm. Moreover, it had a civil service officer card.

According to a source, this first-of-its-kind robot “helped with city promotion, daily document deliveries, and delivered information.” 

Unlike other robots, which can only stay on one floor or use one floor, the Gumi City Council robot can use an elevator and move floors on its own. The stressful work and load led the robot to commit suicide by throwing itself from the top elevator. Artificial intelligence is no joke, it can create such powerful robots that can replace labor tasks in the future. However, this first suicide incident with a robot has left everyone in shock.

In Short

South Korea witnessed the first suicide death of its robot, who worked as a civil officer in South Korea. The drastic death made South Korea mourn over this sad news. The whole department was sad over the ‘ suicide’ of the robot. The robot was diligent and an example of advanced artificial intelligence that was officially part of the council in South Korea. This was such sad news that it spread around the world in no time. Suicide news is not digested well, whether it’s a robot or not. 

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