A 360-degree Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)
HealthConnect has automated every clinical and non-clinical procedure with its Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) that digitizes hospital activities.

By the digitization of medical records, this system is safe, optimizes effectiveness, minimizes patient wait times, and improves diagnostics. HealthConnect is also compliant with international standards such as ICD10, CPT Codes, and ATC Codes.  It provides interactive dashboards to enable complete system understanding and decision-making at the highest levels of management.

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Patient Registration
The Patient Registration module captures demographic details. It covers patient card printing, visit confirmation, confirmed and follow-up patient lists, patient admission, panel attachment, and advanced patient search.
Out-Patient Management

The Out-Patient Management module is equipped with flexible appointment scheduling, queue management, OPD billing, and e-prescription. E-prescription contains prescription templates, document manager, vital recordings, presenting complaints, allergies, investigations, diagnosis, medicine orders, history of present illness, past medical history, immunization, and patient referrals.

In-Patient Management

In-patient management module with accurate and complete billing including IPD advances, hospital services and medicine details in real-time, consultation and room charges, and insurance adjustment. The clinical side of this module covers presenting complaints, history of present illness, investigation and medicine orders, medicines administration, patient ward and bed transfer, patient referral, death certificate, discharge summary, and other features. 

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management module covers vital sign recording, patient progress, fluid balance chart, handover and take-over notes, investigation and medicine orders, presenting complaints, history of present illness, allergy, blood transfusion request, specialist care, assessment, examination, discharge summary, and death certificates.

Electronic Medical Records
The EMR module aids in recording and retrieving the clinical information of a patient. It provides a central repository for holding the entire medical records of the patient. The patient’s information is saved, updated, and retrieved in a highly secure environment. 
Pathology Lab Management
The Pathology Lab Management module defines different tests/profiles (packages), parameters, and their default values. The system streamlines test ordering, billing, sample processing, and report delivery, maintains audit trails, interfaces with external labs, and integrates with lab machines for data upload.
The Radiology module provides complete functionality from ordering radiology services, creating requisitions, assigning technicians, processing tests, and reporting. Reporting is generated through template-based formats with predefined standard parameters. It maintains an audit trail of all modifications made to reports after finalization. DICOM image viewers are integrated for PACS-based medical images. 
Blood Bank
The Blood Bank module provides end-to-end functionality from receipt of the blood bag till its delivery to the patient. The module provides excellent tracking of the whole blood bag, its separation into blood products, monitoring inventory, disposal of expired blood products, and the records of the sale to the patients. All statutory registers are generated by the module.
Operation Theatre Management

The Operation Theatre Management module covers patient OT appointments, Pre-Op notes, Operation notes, Post-Op notes, and sub-modules for nursing staff and consultants. It also includes presenting complaints, history of present illnesses, investigations and medicine orders, medicine administrations, patient wards and, bed transfers, patient referrals, next plan death certificates, and discharge summaries.

Patient Billing
The patient billing module includes OPD billing, IPD billing, and emergency management billing. It covers all hospital services, room charges, insurance adjustments, advances, taxes, and discount policies. The system also supports multiple payment methods.
Dashboard and Reports
The Dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for a hospital. Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, metrics, and performance scorecards on a single screen.
Ambulance Management
The Ambulance Management module records each ambulance trip and provides information for ambulance vehicles, drivers, fuel consumption, fees charged to patients, and patient information. The reports can be generated date-wise reports for visibility on ambulance use for a certain hospital. 
Waste Management
The waste pick-up activities in the hospital are captured against different waste types (General waste, paper, sharp objects, radio-actives, infectious waste, food, sprays, and genotoxic) in different types of bags (yellow, red, and white) with weight and location marking. Since hospitals have different types of wastes and different ways of disposing of them, location-wise reports are available in the system for a systematic approach to waste management.
Soft Queue Management
Soft queues not only save the expense of costly hardware-based queue machines but are also more flexible and easy to customize. Better distributed patient handling for multiple outdoors. It optimizes cost, reduces wait time, and provides quick insight into under and over-utilized resources and better decision-making in handling patients at the entry point.
Pharmacy Management
The Pharmacy Management module provides the functionality of shift management. It records sales and returns with different payment methods. The system also keeps a record of new demand and shortage of stock items. It supports quotations, discount policies, special discounts, and tax applications. The stock can be monitored through the reorder level. It will also provide detailed pharmacy reports to track pharmacy consumption and inventory.
Procurement Management
The procurement management module has standard purchasing processes. It includes purchase requisition, purchase requisition approval, purchase order, and purchase order approval. The system monitors stock with the help of the reorder level and reorder quantity.
Inventory Management
The Inventory Management module provides functionality for making receipts and returns for inventory items. It allows the transfer of material from one store to another store based on internal requests It identifies shortages and replenishes quickly through an automated process. The system supports stock adjustment and inventory costing on a moving average/FIFO basis. The Inventory Management module also helps to monitor inventory levels and consumption.
Financial Management
It provides a comprehensive layout for managing all aspects of accounting transactions in the hospital. It supports a fully integrated platform for the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, and HR & Payroll.
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