Employee Fund Management

A web-based investment and back-office solution
It's a full-featured online investment and back-office solution developed for pension and employee provident funds management.
Employee Fund Manager allows users from many departments to authenticate transactions and is completely connected with all other modules. It offers portfolio valuation, accounting, investment reporting, and the ability to manage and track investments for funds of all sizes. The architecture of the solution is built to scale and accommodate an infinite number of various kinds of funding. It is implemented in multiple Fortune 500 companies ensuring seamless operations.

Feature Highlights

Setting Up Funds

Provision of Opening Balances
Employee Loan Management
Data Unloaders

Equity Traders

Period End Execution

Profit Allocation

Mutual Fund Investment
GL Maintenance

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Member contributions, and withdrawals with the provision of opening balances

It handles the recording of contributions made by members into the funds, as well as any withdrawals they make. It also includes the provision for recording opening balances, which could refer to the initial balances when a member joins the fund or the starting balances for a particular period.

Employee Loan Management

This module facilitates the management of loans provided to employees by the fund. It likely includes features such as loan application processing, approval workflows, disbursement of funds, tracking repayment schedules, and calculating interest.

Uploaders to insert bulk data in seconds

This feature allows users to upload large volumes of data into the system quickly and efficiently. It’s particularly useful for tasks like importing member information, transaction records, or other data sets in batch form, saving time and reducing manual input errors.

Fund Management

Fund management encompasses the overall administration and oversight of the investment funds within the system. It includes activities such as asset allocation, investment decision-making, risk management, compliance, and performance monitoring.

Comprehensive Reporting

This module generates detailed reports covering various aspects of fund management and investment activities. Reports may include portfolio valuation, transaction history, performance metrics, compliance reports, and financial statements.

Integrated Equity Investments

This feature enables the system to handle equity investments seamlessly within the broader investment portfolio. It likely includes functionalities for researching, purchasing, selling, and tracking equity securities such as stocks.

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