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A Practice Management Solution to Connect Patients and Practitioners

/ A Practice Management Solution to Connect Patients and Practitioners

Our Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) is an easy to use practice management solution that keeps patients and practitioners connected for better and smarter healthcare.

It maintains updated and secure Electronic Medical Records on the cloud, accessible any time, anywhere. All the key process work flows from patient sign ups, appointment management (on mobile apps), billing services and the creation and management of health records are seamlessly integrated. 

This makes it highly efficient, extremely interactive and cost-effective for all participants. A free web presence and advertisement capability is also provided to hospitals with this solution. 

Through a single sign-on, we have enabled an integrated clinic and a personal web presence on the health portal that allows you to advertise your medical services to a massive local and global audience.

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/ Consultant App

/ Patient App

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Our Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) is a comprehensive software that digitizes hospital working by automating all the clinical and non-clinical processes.

/ Healthcare


A complete nursing home management system that enables nursing homes to keep a complete record of patient information including personal information, medical history, insurance information, and contact details.

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