5 Reasons Why Custom Solutions are the Future of Software Development

Custom solution of software development refers to the development of software as per the customer’s demands. On the other hand, off-the-shelf software is made to be provided to the public. However, it has multiple limitations and restrictions. 

Bespoke software fixes these issues by tailoring your software to your needs. On average, it increases the efficiency of a company by a minimum of 20%. 

custom software development

So, let’s discuss 5 more reasons why custom solutions are the future of software development. 

1. Customization 

Custom solutions offer a wide variety of modifications to the software that the company can choose from. This is usually never an option with off-the-shelf software. You may leverage the appropriate customisations for your software to boost your efficiency and performance.

2. Scalability 

Technology evolves and so do the demands of companies engaged with it. It can be daunting if an organisation fails to meet the same standard as time demands. Custom solution allows you to be very flexible with your software demands. You may scale the software up or down to adhere to the current needs of the organizations. This can be difficult to do with off-the-shelf software. 

3. Cyber Security 

Off-the-shelf software is normally easy to obtain as it is made for the use of the general public. It has the double-edged sword of being common. This causes people to find weaknesses in the software and be capable of acting maliciously to exploit them. Cyber security is a real issue that can cause companies real damage due to data theft. The custom solution provides a good answer for this issue by having software tailored to defend against these threats. 

4. Rights 

Today’s world has strict laws on how you should use another person’s property. Because there is some degree of ownership of a third party over off-the-shelf software, it becomes difficult to modify or customise the software without breaking the law. The custom solution provides an answer to this as you have full ownership over the software you have developed and no third party Is involved. This allows you to make any customisation you want and have your software tailored to the requirements of the company. You will not face any pressure over choosing to tailor your software making it a safer long-term alternative than off-the-shelf software. 

5. Costs 

While off-the-shelf software is readily available for you to implement for your company. It may either have too great of a hardcore requirement making the purchase a bad return on investment. Custom solution offers the solution to this problem by tailoring your software to the amount of hardcore that is required. 

So while there may be resources spent on the software development. You may cut costs on your hardware by such a margin it becomes a net positive return. Many enterprises, big or small turn to custom solutions for software development for this very reason. 

Process of Creation 

Here are easy steps followed for software development to ensure proper delivery of the end product. 

Data Gathering Before any steps are taken, the first step always is to gather data on what the requirements of this software will be and analyze the data to pass on to the teams moving forward. 
Designing This step includes designing the UI/UX of your software to make sure it is user-friendly when it is implemented. You also plan your resources and milestones in this step. 
Development The actual coding behind the software is done in this step. It may prove challenging to fulfil this task if the talent within your company is limited. For this reason, staff augmentation may be implemented to compensate for the lack of talent and finish this step within a reasonable amount of time. 
Quality Assurance It is the process of testing your product to make sure it functions as it was meant to if there are weaknesses to be exploited, and to find out if there is any debugging left to do. The software development is usually done by this point and the product is being checked for any finishing touches. 
Deployment As the custom solution software gets completed, it must be implemented into the existing systems as soon as possible. There are many ways to deploy software into systems and it helps to get feedback from many sources. 
Training The existing staff within your company needs to be given the knowledge and appropriate training to use the new tailored software. This allows for an increase in efficiency as the staff does not have the pressure of trying to find out how to best use the new system to finish their task. It also prevents any future loss caused by mistakes made while using the new software. 
Maintenance The maintenance and support of the custom solution software is one of the utmost priorities for any business. The software may need to be scaled up or updates may need to be implemented to accommodate new practices. Cyber security must also be updated regularly to make sure the company is not vulnerable. 

Last word 

In conclusion, custom solution software is an excellent practice being implemented by many companies now. As several off-the-shelf software do not fit the demands of the businesses it gains further value. 

The initial cost of custom solution software may seem high in comparison but the ability to have full ownership, to customize to your needs and security is much better for the long-term use of any organization of today. 

Our talented team at Softech Systems will assist you by providing software perfectly tailored to your needs in a reasonable time. Contact us today!

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